EAS WebEmployees with a special expertise or certification may wear many hats and share their talents between multiple departments or with several customers. You need to make sure that their time and expenses are allocated properly, as well as ensure that their efforts are within budgetary restrictions. Now you can keep tabs on how employees split their time with a new feature recently added to the Employee Accounts and Splits module. 

Managing payroll can become complicated when employees divide their time between other departments or work on projects for several customers at the same time.  Manually calculating and applying time and expenses across multiple cost centers takes time and can lead to payroll mistakes, which can lead to unsatisfied employees. Control complicated payroll calculations by adding the Employee Accounts and Splits module to your Microsoft Dynamics® GP enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

With the Employee Accounts and Splits module, you can configure employee posting accounts and expense distributions to split time and expenses across the appropriate general ledger accounts. Employee taxes and other period-end distributions, such as FUTA, SUTA, and Workers’ Compensation, are also distributed accordingly. A new feature included in the most recent update to the Employee Accounts and Splits module makes it easier to monitor how employee time is being split between accounts.  You can use this information to identify trends in how employee time is being used or to make sure that departmental or project budgets remain intact. Monitor employee time or expenses between individual employees or among multiple employees. One screen can show you all you need to know about how employees are dividing their time.

Manual processes can make it difficult to track employee time, which can make it difficult to process payroll correctly. Know what your employees are working on with the improved Employee Accounts and Splits module. Contact Integrity Data for more information about the updated Employee Accounts and Splits and other affordable solutions that can make it easier to manage complex payroll processes.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR