Multi-Tasking Employees Lead to Payroll Headaches

In most offices, employees wear a lot of hats, so to speak, working for different departments or on multiple projects. While good for the bottom line, multi-tasking employees also introduce a new set of challenges in the payroll department. Manually splitting time across different cost centers is time-consuming and risky. Streamline complicated payroll by enhancing your GP payroll system.

It’s not at all unusual to have an employee work across a company, for example, a nurse may work on different floors or for different departments, locations or entities within a hospital. Similarly, project managers may have staff that work on multiple client projects throughout the week. These scenarios make it very difficult to accurately track and allocate time and expenses. The more complicated the timesheets get, the more challenging it can be for payroll, especially when relying on paper-based timesheets and manual calculations.

Streamline Complicated Payroll Tasks With These Add-On Solutions

Manage complex time and expense and allocate them across appropriate cost centers by adding Employee Accounts and Splits to Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll. Your payroll team can automatically split employee costs by percentage based on department, position, pay code or general ledger account. As data seamlessly flows through payroll, the appropriate tax and benefit expenses for each employee are also distributed accordingly. Period-end distributions for FUTA, SUTA, and Worker’s Comp expenses are also allocated properly.

Regardless of which departments an employee may work for during the week, businesses also need to manage time-off. Employees will take vacation, call in sick, need personal time or administrative leave. Many businesses also offer comp time and other forms of leave. Keeping track of time off can also become time-consuming. Comprehensive Leave Manager will streamline the management of a variety of leave plans. After establishing types of leave, you create accrual schedules, carry-over rules, balance caps, and carry over limits. Processing leave transactions is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and will not require any extra steps from your payroll team.

Avoid the headaches of complex payroll situations, like multi-tasking employees or multiple types of leave programs. The right technology will streamline complicated payroll saving time and reduce the frustration within the payroll department. Contact Integrity Data for more information about these and other payroll solutions designed to save time, improve payroll accuracy and streamline complicated payroll tasks.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois