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At the beginning of the year it is an ideal time for businesses to establish operational and financial goals for the year. Improving productivity can also be a worthwhile goal whether it’s in production, marketing and sales, or in the front office. The human resources and payroll team can streamline common daily processes with modern technology, saving time, money, and improving productivity.

An efficient workplace can support a healthy, strong, and profitable business. Whether it’s on the production line or in the office, a productive employee can accomplish more, with greater accuracy, and become one of your best assets. As you focus on replacing inefficient, outdated processes, be sure to evaluate current accounting and payroll operations. There are several simple and affordable solutions that can streamline common daily tasks and improve the efficiency of these important activities. Here are a few examples:

  1. Correcting payroll mistakes: Whether you have a handful of employees or hundreds, payroll mistakes happen. Under pressure to complete payroll quickly, employees can make typographical errors, miss a rate change, or use the wrong codes. Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll out-of-the-box takes as many as 17 steps to make a correction! Negative Payroll Transactions can correct mistakes in one simple, speedy step. Corrections are reversed and automatically carried throughout the entire payroll process.
  2. Managing overtime: Many businesses have complicated overtime policies that can vary by employee, department, or position. Many states, including California, also have unique overtime requirements. Managing overtime manually can be time-consuming and lead to mistakes. Overtime Hours Rules can automate the process. You can set as many overtime rules as you need to address business or regulatory policies and Overtime Hours Rules will automatically calculate overtime without any additional processing steps.
  3. Rate changes: Rate changes can’t always be predicted or planned, which makes for a challenging payroll process. Instead of manually calculating the change when it happens between payroll processing, use Mid-Period Rate Changes to do the calculations for you. Employees can verify the change and the rate will carry through automatically with future payroll transactions.

By making the right updates to Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, you can streamline these common payroll processing activities. Contact Integrity Data to learn how you can save time and improve productivity in your accounting department with these and other powerful payroll solutions.

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