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HealthBack Home Health has been providing personalized home health services since 1996 to homebound patients and families in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. The organization operates multiple entities across 36 branches and manages approximately 800 employees over the course of the year. Specialized staff often work across different branches and can fluctuate weekly between full-time, part-time, salary, temporary, on call, etc. resulting in highly complex payroll.

“The only solution that made sense with the least amount of work for us was Integrity Data’s ACA Compliance solution. We have been using several of their Dynamics GP add-ons for payroll with great success and knew how great they are to work with. Their ACA solution was the only one that allowed us to use what we already have and keep everything in-house instead of handing over our information to another party, which we weren’t comfortable with,” shares Sabrina.