NPT Product ImagePerhaps you have dealt with particular payroll situations that require negative deductions or negative transactions.   Maybe leave and health insurance premiums need to be reversed, or a previous deduction needs to be corrected.  Payroll is a busy day and the last thing you need is to have these corrections sidetrack you from the task at hand.

There is no getting around the simple facts that mistakes happen; things can change. What if a team member, pre-approved for days off, decides to come in any way to work on an overdue project? The time he had scheduled for the vacation needs to be returned to his vacation bank. This undoing of an already completed task may require many steps in order to rectify. This can cost you valuable time. But, there is a solution. Integrity Data has developed add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP that allow you to save time when making those inevitable corrections. These are Negative Payroll Transactions add-on and Negative Deductions Enhancement add-on by Integrity Data.

With Negative Payroll Transactions, rather than using time-intensive manual check transactions, you can enter negative pay code transactions in order to reverse incorrectly paid earnings on previous payroll runs, or make other necessary adjustments. You simply enter negative pay code transactions in the transaction entry window. 1 step instead of the 17 steps you currently need to do in GP Payroll! The correction is automatically carried through general ledger entries and shows up on the next paystub or earning statement. The entered negative transaction is carried through the payroll process and reflected on all core payroll reports, including the Department Posting Journal, Position Posting Journal, and Pay Code Posting Journal. You save time and avoid error by not entering the data repeatedly. Corrections and adjustments will flow through the entire financial posting process, allowing your financial records to stay updated and consistent; they will carry through to General Ledger entries, appropriate credits and debits are made and an audit trail is created.

Now all of your financial reports are balanced and up-to-date.

Automate manual check creation and posting with the Negative Deductions Enhancement add-on solution.  You have the option to choose between processing a negative deduction based on current functionality or convert the negative deduction to a pay code transaction.  The software then creates a manual check to reverse or adjust the distributions appropriately after payroll processing.  You also have a choice to perform a negative deduction batch for imported or multiple transactions, or execute a normal batch for a small number of transactions or certain exceptions.

Payroll isn’t always easy, but you can make it less painful with the right tools. Integrity Data’s payroll solution tools, designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, can save you time as well as headaches when making payroll corrections.

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By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois