PayrollPayroll: What do you think of when you hear that word? It conjures up different feelings depending on your role in your company. The CFO may see it as a way to measure the success and health of the financial position of your company; employees, of course, depend on payroll to support their families; your accountants, however, may see it as a never ending cycle of responsibility to make sure that every employee gets paid on time and without error.

Yes, Payroll is a loaded word, but it’s not a four letter word. With the proper tools in place, your Payroll team will have the ability to complete their jobs accurately and efficiently so they can be happy campers and so can your employees!

So, the big question is: Does you Payroll team have the tools they need to process payroll accurately and efficiently?

If you have Microsoft Dynamics GP, you have many of the tools you need in the Payroll module. However there may still be things missing, for example a comprehensive leave management system, a way to easily correct errors or a way to email paystubs and other important communication to employees.

With 20 years of GP Payroll experience and many easy add-on products to make GP Payroll great, Integrity Data is qualified and ready to assist you in finding answers to any Payroll problem. And with a Buy 1, Get 1 free promo running through June 10th, now is the time to contact them.

Watch the following short video and hear Rob’s story about working with Integrity Data to streamline Payroll processing.