Get Comprehensive Leave Manager and take a vacationAs we leave the days of winter behind us, many employees are planning their summer vacations. Questions about how many hours an employee may have available or requesting the time off can be a distraction to your managers and human resources department. Don’t let vacation plans become a distraction. Streamline leave management with a simple, affordable solution.

Many businesses offer a variety of paid-time-off (PTO) which is also an important part of a benefits plan that can attract and retain talented employees. In addition to the most common types of leave, including sick and vacation time, you may offer time off for volunteering, comp time, administrative leave, as well as track time taken under the Family Medical Leave Act. Managing such a variety of leave time can be challenging, especially when using manual processes. Transcribing information from timesheets or paper PTO request forms is time-consuming and the redundant handling of the data can lead to mistakes, which are sure to frustrate your employees. Your human resources department can save time when managing the entire leave management process by deploying Comprehensive Leave Manager.

Comprehensive Leave Manager can manage all types of leave plan codes and descriptions. You can set accrual schedules, carry-over rules, and manage waiting periods for new hires. You can also define accrual maximums or balance caps. As your rules change or you add different codes, you can also easily create mass leave transactions for large groups of employees. Your human resources team can monitor the transaction history for each employee, including the dates for each leave event, and keep an eye on remaining leave allowances.

In addition, employees can also view their leave balances and details using the HRM Self Service Suite. This self-service feature can also be used to submit requests for time-off, which streamlines the approval process, and provides employees the ability to monitor their own leave details. Your human resources department will be interrupted far less often to deal with leave management issues when employees monitor their available time off using the HRM Self Service Suite.

Get ready for spring and summer vacations and stay focused on other important benefit programs and payroll processing tasks by deploying Comprehensive Leave Manager and other GP Payroll add-ons.

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