Payroll _ Integrity DataBusiness leaders often create strategic plans that guide operational processes throughout the year. There may be plans to grow, boost productivity or profitability, and improve products or services. After developing these strategic plans, it’s important to have the technology in place to support those goals. Human resources and payroll departments can also improve productivity by streamlining payroll processing and benefits management.

3 Ways to Enhance HR and Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Many businesses turn to integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage core business processes. With these modern solutions, you can manage financial processes, manufacturing activities, inventory and supply chain, and other operations. Most robust ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offer human resources and payroll features. In many cases, these features are enough to improve productivity by simply replacing manual and paper-based procedures with time-saving automation. However, sometimes businesses need additional support for more complicated processes. In this case, simple and affordable add-on solutions can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage situations like the ones discussed below:

1. Managing leave: You may offer a variety of time off from sick and vacation time to volunteer and comp time. Manually tracking the hours used and remaining for employees can be time-intensive. Comprehensive Leave Manager manages all types of leave time automatically and employees can access their available time, avoiding additional interruptions in the human resources or payroll department.

2. Split or shared time: Employees may perform tasks for multiple departments or work on different projects. As such, their costs should be allocated appropriately. Employee Accounts and Splits automatically splits costs based on department, position, pay code, or general ledger account – saving time and frustration from manually calculating time from a timesheet.

3. Payroll mistakes: Making a mistake on a payroll posting is one of the biggest nightmares for payroll associates. Making adjustments can take as many as 17 steps to correct which is as frustrating as it is a waste of time. Negative Payroll Transactions can make the correction in just one step that is carried through the entire posting process, leaving an audit trail.

When updating your business technology, be sure to include support for your human resources and payroll teams. With the right solutions, they can also save time, improve productivity, and offer more value to your organization. Contact us for more information about these and other powerful human resources and payroll enhancements.

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